5 running tips for the new runners!

5 running tips for the new runners!

Running is always a good idea as it is an outstanding way to stay in shape. It is not only good for your physical health, but it is said to be helpful for the mental and emotional health of a person as well. Gymming and other similar options may surely work out for you, but running is a sure short and cheapest way to keep yourself fit and healthy. All you have to do is run with a little bit of basic knowledge of doing it in the right manner. If you are running without knowing how to do it right, you may get slower results and muscle injuries as well. Therefore, before you tie your running shoes, hold on a minute and read the below given 5 running tips for the beginners.

Tip 1: Set small targets- If you are just starting with your running regime then do not set all the goals for a day. Try to start small. Set small targets with less distances so that your body does not get exhausted in a day. It is important that you give proper time to your body to get prepared for the further days to come. Also do not run very fast from the beginning. Keep your pace medium to prevent injuries and frustration.

Tip 2- drink lots of water- Running can dehydrate you and you would surely want to avoid that. Drink plenty of water in your day so that when you are set for running, your body do not falls short of it. However, make sure that you do not drink a lot of water just when you are about to start running as it may make you feel uncomfortable and you may have stomach ache. Drink water 30 minutes before your start running. if you are running for longer distances, keep drinking small amount of water in between.

Tip 3- make sure you have good shoes- Good running shoes are as important as good dress for a party. You cannot do without good running shoes. Make sure that the shoes you wear are nor too tight and neither too loose. They must fit your foot perfectly. Good pair of running shoes can save you from injuries and prevent you from getting tired quickly.

Tip 4- pay attention to your body- This practice must be done on a regular basis. You must be attentive about any changes in your body. If you are experiencing any blisters, injuries, clots etc on your body, make sure that you know how to treat them and why are they occurring. if you listen to the signals of your body, you can save yourself from big injuries too.

Tip 5- Be motivated- Finding motivation to run and keep running is the most important thing. People often start running and stop in mid way because of lack of motivation. Make sure that the passion and excitement for running is not temporary and does not fade away after a week or two.
Running is the best exercise for your body as it keeps your heart, mind and body fit. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind before, during and after r

Set Yourself Fitness Goals.

Set Yourself Fitness Goals.

I know it may be almost the middle of the month already but it’s never to late to announce your goals for the month, amiright?!

Today we asked Personal Trainer Liverpool Street For there goals this month.

Goal #1) Hit 100 running miles for the first time since January 2015. Time to really rebuild my leg strength in order to get ready for the remaining races of 2017 – especially that ever important 26.2

Goal #2) Do a different speed workout every week. Speed workouts are so important to increasing your running speed, but also your strength. Mixing it up so your body doesn’t get used to the same thing every single week is also important. My first speed workout of June was 6 x 400m intervals – so I will not be doing that workout again this month.

Goal #3) Blog at least 4-5 times for my site per week. I need to make more time to get my blogging done – it’s something I love so very much, so I must keep it going!

Goal #4) Create a REAL marathon training plan and STICK WITH IT. I would love to PR the next marathon – I’d like even more to shave a ton of time off so I can get closer to my dreams of one day running a BQ.

Goals 5) Consistent nutrition, Sticking to my healthy eating plan.

I think its important to set yourself goals especially with your health and fitness. Write your goals down no matter how small they are and try your best to achieve them throughout the month.

What are you trying to accomplish this month?

Female Fitness the Ultimate Run Bra.

Female Fitness the Ultimate Run Bra.

in my eyes you only need to invest in two things to start working out – A good pair of trainers and a quality sports bra.

Some shocking stats for you –

– “44% of women who exercise regularly do not wear sports bras!”

– “You boobs can bounce up to 14cm when unsupported during exercise” – OUCH!

Just take a peek at this Bounce-O-Meter to see exactly what I’m talking about!

For me, Shock Absorber have always been my sports bra of choice. I remember going to JJB with my mum when I was younger to pick out my first ever sports bra. It was a Shock Absorber one – very similar to the one above, but in a boring white colour. It lasted for years and every bra I purchased since has been a Shock Absorber one as I know they work fantastically.

it is absolutely vital that I have a bra that supports me well and looks after my boobs while the rest of my body takes a battering – be it from Insanity workouts, running or pilates. Shock Absorber design bras for specific workouts as your boobs move in different ways depending on the exercise you are doing.

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra* is obviously designed specifically for running and reduces bounced by up to 78% – perfect for those with bigger boobs! The bra is very supportive without being uncomfortable. My boobs are definitely not strapped down and the design is friction free so there’s no discomfort from movement. I love them that much that I actually have 3 now – one of each – black, white and pink! There is some science behind it, in that Shock Absorber have an Infinity-8 support system with counteracts the breasts’ figure-of-eight movement during running. All very technical, but also quite funny to think about. Plus the bra comes in the most gorgeous hot pink – perfect for Valentine’s Day workouts today! In fact Shock Absorber regularly design bras is gorgeous colours so you don’t have to wear the same boring white one. I’ve got my eye on their Active Shaped Support in a gorgeous purple colour!

Have you always worn a sports bra when working out, or did it take you a little while to invest? Which brand do you trust with your boobs?


This is our opinion only everybody has different needs. We recommend trying several different sport bras to find the correct one for you.

7 Ways to get a better Night’s sleep for your morning Run.

7 Ways to get a better Night’s sleep for your morning Run.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep simply can’t be underestimated. I simply can’t function properly without at least 7 hours! However there are millions of people who live their lives without the rest they need for a good quality of life. According to the NHS, the amount of sleep required depends on the individual, but feeling perpetually tired should never be considered as normal. Thankfully, there are some relatively simple strategies you can try in order to improve both the amount and quality of sleep you get over the course of the average week.

1. Stick to a sleeping schedule

Most sleep experts agree that going to bed at the same time every night is very important. Equally as important is waking and rising at the same time every morning. A consistent sleeping pattern is believed to keep the body’s natural clock working normally, which is one of the critical factors in getting a good night’s sleep. It’s important to maintain your sleeping schedule during the weekends too, as just one or two nights of irregular sleep can throw your body clock out of sync for several days!

2. Start a sleeping diary

If you find that your sleep is being interrupted, and you can’t figure out why, start a sleeping diary in order to investigate the root causes of your problem. Note down what time you go to bed, what you eat during the four hours before you turn in for the night and how many times you wake up. You may also want to record the time you wake, and any exercise you take through the day. Of course, it is impossible to monitor your sleeping patterns when you’re unconscious through the night, which is why a sleep tracker might be very useful.

3. Talk to your doctor about medication you’re taking

A number of prescribed medications are known to interfere with sleeping patterns, so it might be worth consulting your doctor for more information. For instance, anti-depressants and medication prescribed for high blood pressure are known to affect quality of sleep in a small number of people who take these drugs on a regular basis.

4. Get lots of exercise

Exercise is a great way of expending energy and preparing your body for a good night’s sleep. However, 30 minutes of rigorous exercise is known to increase body temperature for several hours afterwards, so never workout within four hours of going to bed. However, as your body cools after a period of exercise, it will release melatonin which should make you drowsy.

5. Cut out the stimulants

Smoking is a barrier to a good night’s sleep for a number of reasons. Not only is nicotine a known stimulant, it can exacerbate sleep apnea and a range of breathing problems that will interfere with your sleep. Caffeine is another stimulant that can increase brain activity and stop you from drifting off when you want to. Try to stop drinking tea, coffee and caffeine-rich soft drinks around eight hours before your bedtime. While alcohol may make you fall asleep quickly, it will often make you wake up earlier too. Try not to drink alcohol within two hours of going to bed.

6. Maintain a cool temperature in your bedroom

Most sleeping experts recommend a bedroom temperature of between 65F and 75F – where in that scale you aim for will depend on what you wear for bed, as well as the bed covers you choose. Always err on the side of cool, however, as a sudden drop in your body temperature will trigger the production of sleep-inducing melatonin in your system.

7. Reduce light levels in your bedroom

If you live near street lights, it may be a good idea to invest in some ‘blackout’ curtains in order to reduce the light in your bedroom as much as possible. However, don’t underestimate the effects of light from the various electronic items around your bed. Light from televisions, digital clocks and music players has the potential to pass through your closed eyelids and delay the production of the melatonin that induces sleep. Put simply, the darker your room is the better chance you have of falling asleep quickly – and staying that way.

A good night’s sleep is essential for your immune system, your ability to concentrate and your general state of mind. By making subtle changes to your sleeping routines, you will give yourself the best chance possible of getting the daily rest your body needs.

Track tips

Track tips

You can always hit the road or gym for your speedwork, but the track is the best way to gauge your effort. All tracks have the same dimensions whether in London or New York. Here is a quick guide to get you going.

You will have to be ready for the wind and weather on the track so any pace takes more effort than a treadmill.

Make sure you bring water or a sports drink to keep hydrated, and make sure you refuel afterwards with carbs and protein.

Start with runners at a similar level to yourself to start with.

Leave The earphones at home you will need your full concentration with a big group of runners.

Track work is intense its not the place for a conversational pace. Others runners will more than likely not feel like talking when they are putting maximum effort in.

Cool down correctly, don’t stop abruptly its better to gradually slow down when you are finishing the race.

How Running improves your health and fitness

How Running improves your health and fitness

The reason that we are so enthusiastic about using running to improve your health and fitness is because the benefits are substantial – not only is running great for your overall wellbeing but it is also mentally very good for the mind and soul – so it’s a fantastic way to keep healthy and fit and stay in shape.

Here’s a list of how running benefits your health and fitness so you can see for yourself why we are so enthusiastic about it:

1. Running is proven to make you happier
Regular exercise will always make you feel better – and running is certainly no exception!

  • Running releases a rush of feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids. In a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, researchers found that even a single bout of running about just 30 minutes worth – has the power to lift the mood of someone suffering from a major depressive order.
  • Running also protects you against anxiety and depression, and can help you cope with mental problems such as anxiety and stress.
  • Running also improves your sleep and ability to rest – a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health proved that just 30 minutes of running during the week for three weeks boosted sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day.

2. Running gets you fitter and healthier
Running burns calories while you’re actually running – but the bonus is that when you stop running, the burn continues afterwards which is one reason why running is so effective for improving your fitness levels.

And you don’t have to be sprinting at the speed of sound to get this benefit. This happens when you’re exercising at an intensity that’s about 70 percent of VO2 max. (That’s a little faster than your easy pace, and a little slower than marathon pace.)

3. Running strengthens your joints and bones
It’s been known for a long time that running increases your bone mass, and even helps stem age-related bone loss, but you may have heard many times that running is bad for your knees – and if you have then we have some good news for you – science has proven that it’s not! Studies have shown that running improves knee health, and many long-term studies have shown that running doesn’t appear to cause much damage to the knees at all.

Evidence of this can be seen if you look at people with knee arthritis – you don’t find much of a previous history of running in many or most of them, and when you look at runners and follow them over time, you don’t see their risk of developing osteoarthritis as any greater than the rest of the population.

4. Running can reduce your risk of cancer
There’s plenty of evidence that running helps to reduce the risk of cancer – a review of 170 epidemiological studies in the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular running can be associated with lower risks of certain cancers. What’s more, if you already have cancer, running can improve your quality of life while you’re undergoing chemotherapy.

5 Running is proven to add years to your life
Even if you just do the minimum recommended amount of running, which equates to 30 minutes, five times per week – there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that you’ll live longer!
In terms of figures, the statistics are quite mind blowing – smokers added around 4.1 years to their lives; nonsmokers gained about 3 years.

Even if you’re still smoking, you’ll get around 2.6 more years if you run regularly. Cancer survivors were found to extend their lives by anything up to 5.3 years, whilst those with heart disease were found to gain anything up to 4.3 years.

These figures must surely prove to you that if you are not already doing so, you should be running regularly in order to significantly improve your quality of life and drastically improve your personal health and fitness – as you can see, the benefits are truly remarkable so you really should plan to do this as soon as possible!