Bewl15 – About

Bewl15 – About

Spread the love is a Running, health and fitness Blog. Inspired by the Bewl15 Race, which is a highly prestigious runners race that is used by many people all over the UK to improve their levels of fitness, health and wellbeing by training and taking part in the race each year.

But this is not just a normal race that is used for health and fitness – Bewl 15 was voted the 6th best race in the UK by readers of Runner’s World, so not only is it a great tool for improving your fitness and health but it also presents a stern challenge even to an established and competent runner and this is what makes the race so effective in raising fitness levels and health.

The race takes place in July each year and currently attracts around 800 participants.

The race is a unique event, run largely off road on pretty, gently undulating hills around Bewl Water – nestling on the border of Sussex and Kent.

This race is a fantastic way to improve your health and fitness levels and is the perfect complement to a structured personal training program that can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

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