5 running tips for the new runners!

5 running tips for the new runners!

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Running is always a good idea as it is an outstanding way to stay in shape. It is not only good for your physical health, but it is said to be helpful for the mental and emotional health of a person as well. Gymming and other similar options may surely work out for you, but running is a sure short and cheapest way to keep yourself fit and healthy. All you have to do is run with a little bit of basic knowledge of doing it in the right manner. If you are running without knowing how to do it right, you may get slower results and muscle injuries as well. Therefore, before you tie your running shoes, hold on a minute and read the below given 5 running tips for the beginners.

Tip 1: Set small targets- If you are just starting with your running regime then do not set all the goals for a day. Try to start small. Set small targets with less distances so that your body does not get exhausted in a day. It is important that you give proper time to your body to get prepared for the further days to come. Also do not run very fast from the beginning. Keep your pace medium to prevent injuries and frustration.

Tip 2- drink lots of water- Running can dehydrate you and you would surely want to avoid that. Drink plenty of water in your day so that when you are set for running, your body do not falls short of it. However, make sure that you do not drink a lot of water just when you are about to start running as it may make you feel uncomfortable and you may have stomach ache. Drink water 30 minutes before your start running. if you are running for longer distances, keep drinking small amount of water in between.

Tip 3- make sure you have good shoes- Good running shoes are as important as good dress for a party. You cannot do without good running shoes. Make sure that the shoes you wear are nor too tight and neither too loose. They must fit your foot perfectly. Good pair of running shoes can save you from injuries and prevent you from getting tired quickly.

Tip 4- pay attention to your body- This practice must be done on a regular basis. You must be attentive about any changes in your body. If you are experiencing any blisters, injuries, clots etc on your body, make sure that you know how to treat them and why are they occurring. if you listen to the signals of your body, you can save yourself from big injuries too.

Tip 5- Be motivated- Finding motivation to run and keep running is the most important thing. People often start running and stop in mid way because of lack of motivation. Make sure that the passion and excitement for running is not temporary and does not fade away after a week or two.
Running is the best exercise for your body as it keeps your heart, mind and body fit. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind before, during and after r

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