Set Yourself Fitness Goals.

Set Yourself Fitness Goals.

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I know it may be almost the middle of the month already but it’s never to late to announce your goals for the month, amiright?!

Today we asked Personal Trainer Liverpool Street For there goals this month.

Goal #1) Hit 100 running miles for the first time since January 2015. Time to really rebuild my leg strength in order to get ready for the remaining races of 2017 – especially that ever important 26.2

Goal #2) Do a different speed workout every week. Speed workouts are so important to increasing your running speed, but also your strength. Mixing it up so your body doesn’t get used to the same thing every single week is also important. My first speed workout of June was 6 x 400m intervals – so I will not be doing that workout again this month.

Goal #3) Blog at least 4-5 times for my site per week. I need to make more time to get my blogging done – it’s something I love so very much, so I must keep it going!

Goal #4) Create a REAL marathon training plan and STICK WITH IT. I would love to PR the next marathon – I’d like even more to shave a ton of time off so I can get closer to my dreams of one day running a BQ.

Goals 5) Consistent nutrition, Sticking to my healthy eating plan.

I think its important to set yourself goals especially with your health and fitness. Write your goals down no matter how small they are and try your best to achieve them throughout the month.

What are you trying to accomplish this month?

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